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New by Lumage:
Unique Collection Box for the first teeth of your little one.

Instructive and decorative
The perfect present for the 5 to 6 year old!

Alle first Teeth in a Row !

The Lumage FirstTeethBox is a unique box for collecting and displaying a childs primary teeth.
-- The teeth can be pressed firmly into the paste in the right place. In this way you can build up the original set of primary teeth again.
-- On the frontside a photo can be placed in the centre. The backside provides a space for keeping a lock of baby-hair.
-- The FirstTeethBox can stand upright or it can be mounted to the wall.
-- The logbook (in English language) contains information on how teeth change and the right sequence for placing the teeth. You can also note the dates teeth change.
-- Including tips from the dentist for attractive, strong and healty teeth.

MiniSite for Children, Click Here

MiniSite in Flash for children (not so suited for older computers)

FirstTeethBoxes can be ordered in 4 colours: red, blue, green and yellow.
When ordering, don´t forget to mention the colours you wish.

Prices are as follows:

From 1x FirstTeethBox: € 9,65

From 3x FirstTeethBox: € 8,95
From 6x FirstTeethBox: € 8,55
From 24x FirstTeethBox: € 7,95

Up till 6 pieces we will send the products in a flat envelope which saves on postage costs, and you will not have to stay at home to receive the package.
All prices are exclusive 19% VAT and exclusive shipping costs.

A perfect present when the first primary tooth comes out !

Mail or phone us
: firstteeth@lumage.com or +31 15 2141015

All parts of the FirstTeethBox    The FirstTeethBox can stand upright or be mounted on the wall

Gift Packaging can be ordered separately for € 0,50    The Logbook with info on primary Teeth and for noting the dates of tooth changes

The perfect Birthday Present or Give-Away
A Gift when the first tooth comes out!

Order the FirstTeethBox in the LumageShop

Call us now with your order: +31 15 2141015 (every day untill 22.00 hrs)

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Are you interested? Feel free to contact us: T +31 15 2141015 or email

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